10 Tips for Time Abundance

1. How do you spend your time? Just because your diary or schedule might be full, doesn't necessarily mean your life is full! Remove things that no longer need to be there.

2. What is essential to you? Is your energy scattered or distracted? It's time to check your energy intelligence and listen to your intuition.

3. Me time. Schedule it in! Make it non negotiable. Pick the things that energise you, that feed your soul, that put a smile on your beautiful face. Is it an art class, dance lesson, some pampering? Make your appointment or booking now.

4. Separate yourself from work by flicking the mental switch between work and home life. It might be a shower, walking the dog, changing your clothes, or a cup of tea.

5. Stretched to the limit? It's time to free up some space in your week by keeping some time intentionally blocked off for Time to do just nothing or potter about.

6. Nope, no, nah! Learn to say no. Some of us are very caring and fall into doing things for other people all the time but at our own expense. Time to set healthy boundaries!

7. Ask for help when you need it. Family, friends, colleagues all need to contribute to the purpose.

8. Busy or productive? Just because you are busy doesn't mean you are being productive. Get organised, make systems and save yourself time.

9. Sometimes multi-tasking can make a single task longer. Work out what you can multi-task on and where you are more efficient at single-tasking.

10. Screen time. I'm sure most of us are guilty of this! Try to set some limits of when you check and return emails, when you mindlessly scroll on social media or reply to messages.

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