20 Ways To Eat More Veggies

I love my veggies but I realise that not everyone cooks the same as me! Here are a few ways to get more veggies in to your day.

🥦 Saute onion and cauliflower and use as a topper to nachos 🌿 Add a bag of baby spinach to your favourite pasta recipe 🥕 Add a carrot or cucumber to your smoothie 🥒 Have veggie sticks for snacks 🥬 Use a leafy lettuce like a cos as a wrap 🥔 Make the main feature of your meal a veggie like roasted potato or sweet potato and top with finely chopped salad ingredients, guacamole and fresh herbs 🍆 Add a layer of veggies to your lasagne... zucchini, sweet potato and mushrooms are great! 🥕 Add grated veggies to your bolognaise sauce 🍆 Grill veggies on the BBQ 🍔 Swap the meat for a veggie patty 🍅 Stuff capsicum with onion, tomato, mushrooms and a bunch of herbs 🥕 Add a carrot, beetroot or zucchini to your muffin recipe 🥒 Snack on them as you cook 🍄 Add mushrooms to your gravy 🍠 Double the amount used in a recipe and cut back on the rice or pasta it goes with 🥦 Blitz broccoli into pesto 🥔 Thicken sauce with veggies such as cauliflower or sweet potato 🍜 Spiralise some veggies for a noodle salad 🥗 Serve your meal with a salad on the side... eat the salad first

🥦 Blend into dips... saute onion, roast sweet potato or roast beetroot work well.

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