9 Tips for Connecting with your Higher Self

1. Meditation allows you to silence your thoughts and reach new spiritual heights through your breathwork and the stillness. Just 10 minutes a day allows you to travel via your mind and awaken your relationship with your most authentic self.

2. Operate on the vibration of love. Let love drive your words, your thoughts, your actions. This will help you feel a shift of your energy in a short amount of time.

3. Listen to your heart when making decisions. If you are not happy in your current position, make a change. Start to choose things that align with your interests and lifestyle. Honour yourself and honour your heart to become the extraordinary being you are meant to be.

4. Abandon the victim mentality. To thrive, you need to take responsibility of your own life. You are the creator of your reality and hold the key to unlock the door to a more meaningful life.

5. Choose wholesome and nourishing foods. What you put in your body directly affects your vibration. To feel lighter and more vibrant include more fresh fruits and vegetables, these are fuel to help your body function properly.

6. Request guidance and wisdom from your higher self and the universe. At first it may seem like it is a one-way communication, but then some synchronicities start appearing. Answers will sometimes come when you least expect them! Apply patience and you will hear the messages when you are truly ready.

7. Avoid labelling emotions as bad. Look at them as teachers, take them as lessons. Just listen and observe your emotions without judgement.

8. Enjoy Mother Earth and get outside! Spending time outside is not only great for your health it allows you to connect with nature.

9. Self development helps raise your vibration. Read books and watch documentaries that are thought provoking. Keeping an open mind will increase your understanding of yourself and the world around you

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