August 2020

One thing I know for certain is the POWER of touch. Whether it be from a loved one, a child, a family member, or friend. It is the first language we learn and the first sense we develop. It is an emotional connection between two people. It is emotionally central AND essential to our lives.

Not only building a connection, but it can also benefit our health in many ways:

  • lower blood pressure

  • reduce heart rate

  • stimulate the hippocampus

  • release uplifting and positive hormones

  • lower cortisol

  • enhance growth in children

  • help the body to fight infections

It is vitally important to not lose the power of touch in the times we are all currently experiencing.

Health & Happiness,



What's on this month?

Winter Indulgence Special

Treat yourself and skin with the Winter Indulgence including:

Relaxation or Remedial Massage

wash away the dry skin with a Lemon Sea Salt lower leg and foot scrub, hot towels and finished with a luxuriously moisturising Mango Butter massage

Complimentary Hot Stones & Essential Oils

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Are you drinking enough?

In the cooler months, it is easy to forget to drink enough water or not feel a need to quench your thirst.

But here is why it is important to maintain a good consumption of water:

  1. It hydrates our body and our digestive system

  2. Is vital for good health, healing and restoration

  3. Helps relieve headaches

  4. Improves your complexion

  5. Reduces fatigue

  6. Improves brain function

When, and how much?

  • As soon as you wake up you should be consuming a big glass of water. This gets the body rolling and pushing the waste through.

  • Drink 1 litre of water per 22 kilograms of body weight throughout the day

Over weight... drink more water.

Headache... drink more water.

Fatigued... drink more water.

The quality of your drinking water should also be considered. Tap water can be full of contaminants and bottled water can leach chemicals, not to mention damaging the environment. When carrying water with you aim for glass or stainless steel water bottles as much as possible.

Feel like something a little different? Slice up citrus fruits, berries, cucumber and mint and infuse your water with some fresh flavours. Put in some nice big jars or pouring jugs and they will look beautiful at your next party.


This is the one my family and I use in our home.

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You probably know I love my essential oils and am often whipping up personalised blends for family, friends and clients.

Sleepless Nights?


Need Motivation?

Want to SMELL like you have just been to a SPA everyday?

Allow me to introduce you to my signature range of my personal favourites.


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