Do you Invest in your HEALTH?

How do you invest in your health?

What do you do on a daily basis that hinders or helps your health?

Often when we know we need to make changes but we think of all things we CANNOT have or have to RESTRICT ourselves with.

What about what you GAIN from:

✅Removing dairy

✅Breathing properly every day

✅Drinking ample water

✅Decreasing alcohol consumption

✅Ditching refined sugar

These are often a starting point or setting the foundation for the rest of your health to build on.

Your health is much like a pyramid. You need to have a sturdy base to build up to the top.

Once we have this stage complete we can move to the next.

It's when you get just these few things set in place you can start to notice some changes such as:

✅Reduced brain fog

✅Skin improving

✅Circulation and lymphatic system functioning better

✅Energy and vitality

✅Craving healthier choices

Is it easy? For some it isn't.

But when you focus on what you want to change in your health, rather than what you feel like you have to give up, is when the magic happens.

You need to get to the REASON or your why.

Sometimes it is just to look better or feel better. Maybe it's just to clear our skin. Sometimes we have had a health scare and never want to go back.

Whatever your journey is, having a support person to help step it out and guide you is often necessary to help get over the hurdles. To help decipher an achievable target and a plan to get there.

How do I help people on a daily basis?

✅Firstly a consultation about major areas of your health and lifestyle.

✅Followed by images taken of your iris so I can see what your body is saying about your health and what needs to be worked on first.

✅And then a written report with recommendations of things to implement AND HOW TO IMPLEMENT THEM.

You can then opt for additional Health Coaching sessions to keep you on track, inspired and how to build each layer of your health journey.

If this sounds like something you need help with, get in touch today 🌿❤

Iridology Consultations can be booked online at

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