Essential Oils for Reiki

Essential oils can be used in Reiki sessions to help with emotions and enhance the experience. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts medicinally, to improve the health of the mind, body and spirit.

Essential oils help to raise your vibrational frequency and can be used on a daily basis for good health.

There are so many you can use in a Reiki session but if I had to pick just a few these would be the ones.

Frankincense invites individuals to let of of lower vibrations and negativity. It helps pull the darkness from the eyes, the barriers from the mind and the walls from the heart. Frankincense helps to make an individual feel loved and protected. It is gentle and nurturing and opens the channels to connect with the universal energy.

Lemon, the oil of focus, counterbalances mental fatigue. It is restoring of energy, mental flexibility and calms fears and insecurities. It infuses the soul with confidence, alertness and nourishes the mind.

Citrus Bliss is a fire starter. It helps with motivation and addresses lethargy, discouragement and a low will to live. It is helpful in restoring the spark and magic in life.

Balance Blend is a combination of oils to ground overactive energy and is used to help people connect to their roots. It is particularly useful when the head is being over used with excessive thinking, speaking or spiritual activity. Balance blend reminds individuals to stay focused on a goal, ground their energy and manifest the vision.

The Emotional System Collection

This system of oils contains six unique essential oil blends that have been carefully formulated to provide targeted emotional health benefits. Depending on your client and what they seek from Reiki sessions, these blends can be most helpful in addressing negative emotions to help produce a positive state.

Console is a comforting blend helping soothe emotional pain. It is useful when an individual is suffering emotional stress or trauma. It helps guide one towards emotional rest to help them experience the feelings of love, warmth and consolation. It can assist an individual in taking the first steps towards emotional healing and can give relief from fear, emotional pain or anxiety.

Forgive is a renewing blend which helps let go feelings of bitterness and hostilities. It is helpful for individuals who expect the worst from others. It is useful for helping set free the feelings of cynicism and assist those who have a desire for forgiving.

Passion, an inspiring blend, is helpful for individuals who are lacking inner passion, and who are burdened by duty and obligations. It helps one to break free of limitations, and challenges one to use their creative skills and imagination. It is a reminder to find your passion, and encourages spontaneity and playfulness.

Peace is a reassuring blend. It helps people to connect to the universal source and achieve true and lasting peace. It invites feelings of lasting peace and release feelings of controlling others.

Cheer is just like the name suggests and is formulated for those who need cheerfulness. If you have an individual who is heavy hearted or weighed down by life challenges, this is the oil for them. It helps restore feelings of hope and joy.

Motivate is the encouraging oil which helps individuals whose will has stagnated. It helps people fire into action and fosters confidence with inspirations and intentions. It is helpful when you have lost the energy and drive to complete life tasks and encourages one to work through negative feelings of gloom and hopelessness.

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