Foaming Hand Soap

Super easy. Super cheap. Super quick to make.

No nasty ingredients such as triclosan which can disrupt hormones causing infertility, and impair brain development and heart function.


  • 1 foaming pump bottle

  • 100g castille soap

  • 10g almond oil

  • Filtered water

  • 20-30 drops essential oils*


1. Remove the foaming pump from bottle and place the bottle on scales.

2. Add the castille soap, almond oil and essential oils.

3. Give a little swirl and top with filtered water. Don't go all the way to the top as you need to leave enough room to put the pump back on!

4. Give a good shake and you are done!

One of these lasts our family approximately 3-4 weeks in a high use area such as the kitchen.

*I recommend germ killing essential oils such as On Guard Blend or, one of my favourite combinations is 15 drops tea tree, 15 drops lavender and a drop of cinnamon.

Buy your essential oils here (click join and save to get 25% off your oils - no minimum purchase). You'll also find the foaming dispensers there or you can grab them on Amazon.

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