Juice Fasting

🍉🍈 Juice fasting is no easy task. For me day 1 and day 2 are the hardest. I love food, glorious food. I spend hours looking at food, making food, thinking about food... so I don't do it because I don't like food or cooking!

🤷‍♀️ So why do I do it?


✔ Fasting has an amazing ability to promote profound healing throughout the body.

✔ Fasting gives your digestive organs the signal to reset and switch from digesting to detoxing.

✔ Years of eating 3 meals a day, we store toxins from processed, dead foods-and even from whole foods treated with pesticides and herbicides.

✔ Every day of fasting allows the digestive system to push a little farther and cleanse a little more.

✔ Fasting with juices gives your body the energy it needs to sustain this process.

✔ One of the biggest breakthroughs in history is that we can naturally reverse and heal from chronic disease through fasting.

✔ The body can actually deconstruct proteins that compose tumors, polyps, cysts, abscesses and viruses.


Getting over the hump is hard but on the other side your body starts to feel clean internally, your skin is glowing, your eyes are clearing. For me this is Day 3. For others it may be sooner or later.

❤💕 The lead up to juice fasting is important too. 💕❤

🌿 Which is why I switch to 99% raw foods before juice fasting. It allows your body to get ready for just juice. It will help decrease detoxing side effects. It helps you get in the right mindset.

Mindset is EVERYTHING. You need to be committed, you need to know why.

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