July 2020

Isn't it feeling WINTERY now!

It's a time for warming soups, immune system boosting herbs, time in the sunshine, and self care. Our clinic is heated for your comfort with warm rooms, heated table and hot stones. It has also been a SUPER busy time for us and I want to thank you for your continued support.

Please remember to keep in mind:

↪ Please don't attend the clinic if you are unwell. Massage is not beneficial at times of illness including colds and flu and puts others at risk.

Health & Happiness,



What's on this month?

July Indulgence Special

Treat yourself and skin with the July Indulgence including:

Relaxation or Remedial Massage

wash away the dry skin with a Lemon Sea Salt lower leg and foot scrub, hot towels and finished with a Mango Butter massage

Complimentary Hot Stones & Essential Oils

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The humble Kiwi Fruit

Looking for a good and NATURAL source of Vitamin C?

Look no further than the small, but POWERFUL kiwi fruit!

  • Excellent source of Vitamin C and Polyphenols (a micronutrient from plant foods)

  • Good source of Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and copper

  • Protect the blood vessels and heart

  • Nutrient dense

  • Helpful in reducing blood fats (triglycerides)

  • Rich source of lutein (effective to reduce cancer and heart disease)

  • Contains folate - important for women of child bearing age

  • Can help lower your risk of blood clots

How to eat:

  • Eat as is with the skin on

  • Cut in half and scoop out the flesh

  • Serve with raspberries and papaya

  • Slice thinly and dehydrate - this is SERIOUSLY nature's candy



Balance essential oil blend is a grounding blend excellent for softening energy and calming overactive children.  It is helpful for connecting the with the lower body and earth when the upper body is overused with excessive thinking, speaking or activity.

Also highly beneficial for the adults too! I love a drop or two of this placed on the soles of my feet or wrists each day for supporting a harmonious feeling to the mind and body and balancing to the emotions.

Perfect for the diffuser to promote a calm and relaxed environment.

Can be purchase individually or in a bundle such as the Bliss Bundle or Mood Management Kit

Ready to get a collection of Essential Oils?

Ask me how to score this one for FREE in July!


Easy Queso Dip Recipe here


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EVOHE specials

10% off all EVOHE products in July

* mention this on your next purchase *

Try the Ultra Rich Omega 3,6,9 for silky smooth skin or

Silica Mask to buff away the dryness.


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