May 2020

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Well hello May!

After a month or so long 'holiday', I am SUPER happy to be back in the clinic! I think every lovely client I have seen this week has walked in looking relieved they can get their much needed massages again.

Please remember to keep in mind:

↪ Please don't attend the clinic if you are unwell. Massage is not beneficial at times of illness including colds and flu and puts others at risk.

↪ If you have been in contact with an infected person or suspected infected person, please wait until illness has past and you have the all clear from your GP.

Health & Happiness,



What's on this month?

It's the month to celebrate Mums! Happy mumma day to all the mums of humans and fur babies, and those who support mums by helping out in times of need or illness.

Looking for the PERFECT GIFT for mum? Grab a voucher. Physical gift cards can be collected/Free Post or you can purchase e-vouchers online here

Check out our facebook event starting Monday for a whole lot of giveaways too!


If you think, stink or drink, you need ZINC!

Zinc - an essential that your body cannot live without. It is helpful to almost every part of your body, including immune system, growth and development.

Needed for:

  • hair, skin and nails

  • prostate health

  • bone density

Food sources of zinc include:

  • almonds

  • cashews

  • pumpkin seeds

  • spinach

  • mushrooms

  • chickpeas

  • oats

Whilst I recommend getting your zinc through diet, if you are struggling with your zinc levels, this is the zinc supplement I recommend.



essential oil blend

One of my ALL TIME favourite oil blends to wear as perfume. We also call it our Happy Oil in our family. A beautiful blend for lifting moods and helping with low moods and depression. Purchase on its own, in a BLISS BUNDLE or ask me how to get this one for FREE in May!

Ready to get a collection of Essential Oils?

Ask me how to score this one for FREE in May!


Mini Munchers

Delicious 'everything' free, sweet biscuits.

I suggest you make a double batch!

Recipe here


Availability is booking up quickly,

book your next appointment online or

by direct message 0431853018.

Easy, online booking


EVOHE specials

10% off all EVOHE products in May

Try the Ultra Rich Omega 3,6,9 for silky smooth skin or

Silica Mask to buff away the dryness.


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