Why I don't want to MOTIVATE you

Motivate: to provide someone with a reason to do something

If you need to exercise but it's cold outside, or you're tired, you need to motivate yourself to get out there still. You know, remind yourself why you are doing it.

I don't want to give you a reason to do something, I want to INSPIRE you to take action!

Inspire: a driving force you feel from the inside

How much better does it sound to be INSPIRED?!

Inspiration is a PROCESS. You hear something, read something or see something. It touches you. It inspires you to take action. It makes you productive, purposeful and productive.

'Inspiration' is derived from the Latin word 'inspirare', meaning 'in spirit' or 'divine guidance'.

Find your driving force, look for things to be grateful for because feeling grateful can both motivate and inspire you.

I want to help you find your reasons that make you motivated and then help and inspire you to take action.

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