Why Reiki?

💆‍♀️ When we are cared for there is an inner feeling of warmth that floods our senses. 🙏 Traditional healing has long recognised the healing power of touch, yet we often take it for granted. 📡 We are all beings surrounded by an energy field. Some of us are very in tune to what is around us, others not so much. Ones that are very intune are often dedicated to helping others in a way that they are passionate. Similar to a radio frequency, using the healing power of touch, we can tune the energy. The patterns are evened out and blocks are removed. Sometimes there is a healing process, sometimes it is a flood of emotions and happiness. Sometimes it is just the caring relationship a therapist has for a client that helps. Sometimes it is the relaxing feeling that is induced through a session that allows one to unwind and de-stress and move forward trusting their own instincts. 🥰 The stories I hear after gifting the healing power of touch sometimes make my heart explode, in a good way. 😥 On occasion it may be a purge of emotions that flow after a session that I see and just have to give a few words of wisdom or a message I have been asked to pass on. The last few clients I have helped: ❤ have told of seeing a passed parent visit them and just be with them with total love and happiness, ❤ was a lady I was asked to visit in hospital who just suffered a stroke, ❤ another who I have had a few sessions with has totally changed their life around from being in constant, unexplained pain and seeing multiple therapists, to going to the gym and losing 12kg. If you have been through countless therapists and professionals, and you are not where you want to be, then maybe you are someone I can help.

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