An Abundance Bundle of crystals for good fortune and manifesting abundance.

Includes 1 each of crystals listed below in a beautiful carry bag.

• Citrine is a sparkling yellow stone of abundance and manifestation.

Attributes & Powers

Used for attracting wealth, prosperity, success and all things fabulous to you. Helps to promote good luck and dispel negative energy.

Wear or carry to attract good fortune in all you do.

• Pyrite the stone of health and positive healing powers.

Attributes & Powers

Enhances confidence and determination. Encourages leadership and truthfulness.

Lay on window sill to draw on energy of sun for one lunar cycle.

• Crazy Lace Jasper, the laughter stone, is balancing and protecting.

Attributes & Powers

Increases energy, focus, and stability.

Keep this crystal close to you by wearing it or placing in your purse or pocket.

• Yellow Obsidian is beautifully calming and promotes a well balanced atmosphere.

Attributes & Powers

Helps release negative patterns and energies. Draws the energy of abundance and prosperity.

• Tiger Eye is highly regarded as a crystal for prosperity and good fortune.

Attributes & Powers

Supports overcoming fears, quick thinking, good judgement, and ideal for career changes or new ventures.

Place at each end of your desk through the day and under your pillow at night for one lunar cycle.

*crystals will vary in size and colour and image is indicative

Abundance Bundle