A Blissful Bundle of crystals for soothing the mind and emotions.

Includes 1 each of crystals listed below in a beautiful carry bag.

• Rainbow Moonstone a sacred stone of ancient India, is associated with the lunar god.

Attributes & Powers

Clear thinking, personal growth, confidence, prosperity in your chosen field.

Can be placed in the north corner of home or business to enhance career and personal success.

• Amethyst known for its stunning beauty, is soothing to the mind and emotions.

Attributes & Powers

Helps with intuition, imagination, refining thoughts, and stimulating new ideas. It is calming and promotes peace, love, and spiritual happiness.

Wear or carry to promote spiritual insight.

• Rose Quartz is known as a heart stone and encourages emotional healing.

Attributes & Powers

Creates closer bonds, helpful to prevent fear of rejection, and is the crystal for unconditional love.

Can be placed in the southwest corner of every room in your home and on your desk to manifest the right kind of love.

• Carnelian the setting sun stone. It is for empowerment, focus and good luck.

Attributes & Powers

Carnelian is associated with good fortune, success, self worth and prosperity.

Place near the front door or main entrance of your work area.

• Petrified wood is to build deep foundations and set down roots.

Attributes & Powers

It promotes calm energy and perfect for times of anxiety, fear or panic.

*crystals will vary in size and colour and image is indicative

Blissful Bundle