A Grounding Bundle of crystals for promoting harmony and balance.

Includes 1 each of crystals listed below in a beautiful carry bag.

• Sodalite this rich blue stone of beauty is the crystal of creativity.

Attributes & Powers

Sodalite is for harmony, peace and promoting a calming feeling.

Wear or place near computers and microwaves to reduce electromagnetic smog.

• Bowenite, also known as new jade, is a healing and protection crystal.

Attributes & Powers

A powerful dream stone, it encourages release of emotions through dreams and promotes psychic development.

Wear or place in bedrooms. A good crystal to have when moving home to leave negative energy behind and bring positive energy with you.

• Amazonite is for loving communication. A stone for courage and integrity.

Attributes & Powers

Promotes freedom of expression, setting clear boundaries, and balanced judgement.

Share this stone with a friend or partner for unconditional communication.

• White Howlite is for charisma and confidence.

Attributes & Powers

Enhances character, manifests success and helps improve emotional wellbeing.

Place in the north east corner of your home or desk. Use in grids to help with success.

• Shunghite is purifying and relieving of emotional stress.

Attributes & Powers

Calms the mind of emotional worries, enhances energy, and helps balance the spirit.

Wear as jewellery or place near electronic devices to reduce EMF exposure.

*crystals will vary in size and colour and image is indicative

Grounding Bundle