Stress and Anxiety is at an all time high. Self Care is now a focus for many people. But how do we take care of ourselves when we have been busy putting everyone else first for so long?
Introducing Self Reiki
Reiki is one of the simplest, oldest and possibly most effective methods of Holistic Healing known to the civilised world.
Reiki is the word used to describe energy which flows along acupuncture meridians and permeates the physical body.
The body is always capable of healing itself if given:
- high quality nutrition
- sunlight
- air
- water
- exercise
- a positive mental attitude
- energy
By enhancing the life force with Reiki energy, the body can mobilise its healing resources to aid regeneration physically, emotionally and mentally.
This package gives you not only the Self Reiki resources to bring into practise daily, but also methods for stress reduction, self care ideas, and recorded short meditations.
Learn how to Self Reiki in 15 minutes in your home or garden. Short enough to do with kids, long enough to achieve benefits.
What you get:

Self Reiki resources
- Self Reiki video guide
- Self Reiki hand position download
- Self Reiki manual
- 67 Self Care Ideas
- 9 tips to connect to your Higher Self
- 9 ways to Reduce Stress Now
- 10 ways to Restore & Reclaim your Energy

Mood Management with Essential Oils Guide
Recorded Short Meditations
- Accept Myself
- Chakra
- Relaxation
- Energising
- Peace, Tranquility & Healing
- Muscle Relaxation
- Problem Solving
- The Blissful Mind
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Self Reiki & Good Vibes Package

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