bliss mumma's - SIMPLY YUM recipe book
	32 recipes to treat your family 
	Simple, delicious & healthy
	Kid approved
	Husband approved

All recipes are:
	Gluten Free
	Dairy Free
	Egg Free


Allergens:  most recipes contain nuts; nut free recipes noted below.
Sweeteners:  most recipes use medjool dates, maple syrup or coconut sugar for sweetening.
Cooking: some recipes are raw food based and require very little cooking. Others are baked. It's  a nice balance of both :) 
Recipes include:
	Pecan Brownie
	Passionfruit & Raspberry Swirl Cheezecake
	Chocolate Fudge Cake
	Strawberry Cheezecake*
	Wagon Wheels
	Shortbread (nut free)
	Cookie Dough Tart
	Mousse Tarts
	Mango Cheezecake*
	Caramel Tarts
	Turkish Delight Bars
	Peanut Butter & Berry Brownie Bar
	Chocolate Mint Slice*
	Love Cake*
	Raspberry & Cream Cheezecake*
	Carrot Cake*
	Blueberry & Chocolate Tart
	Chocolate Donuts (nut free option)
	Choc Chip Cookies
	Peanut Butter Blondies
	Banana Bread (nut free option)
	Snickers Chia Pudding
	Blueberry Brekky Pot
	Cacao Sprinkles (nut free)
	Caramel Crunch Balls
	Chocolate Fudge
	Granola (omit nuts)
	Orange Cacao Bombs (nut free)*
	Base Chocolate (nut free)*
	Base White Chocolate

*Some recipes use food grade essential oils for flavouring.  I use essential oils because they are concentrated flavour and do not add texture, liquid or vary the recipe. Oils used include:
	Peppermint (Chocolate Mint Slice, base chocolate option)
	Lemon (Strawberry Cheezecake, Mango Cheezecake, Raspberry & Cream Cheezecake, Carrot Cake)
	Wild Orange (Love Cake, Orange Cacao Bombs, base chocolate option)

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Simply Yum Recipe Book