You may have smudged your house or a room with Sage before but if you're not a fan of the smokey smell or, let's face it, just don't have the time, you can Smudge Spray!


A blissful combination of essential oils in a sea salt solution will help freshen the space and cleanse the energy. The aroma is so beautiful you may wish to spritz around yourself as well.


Containing the following Essential Oils:

Bergamot has a cleansing effect on feelings and limiting beliefs. It helps to awaken the soul and is wonderful to turn hopelessness to hopeful and loveable. Bergamot is a powerful cleansing oil to generate movement in the energy system.


Frankincense chosen for it's nurturing and protecting properties. It is gentle yet shielding from negative influences.


Lemongrass is powerful for cleansing the energy within a room or space. It helps to let go of stagnant and toxic energy and assists cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Lemon the oil for focus. Selected for positive properties such as mental clarity, alertness and sparking joy.


Clary Sage opens the soul for new possibilities and experiences. It helps the mind clarify visions and open up the imagination and creative forces.


Geranium, the heart healing oil. It encourages honesty and forgiveness. It could very well be called the 'emotional healer' oil.


Wild Orange inspires abundance and restores physical energy. Beneficial for aiding in times of transition, it also brings fun and playfulness.



Smudge Spray