Thank you for connecting! My name is Becky Evans - Massage Therapist, Natural Therapist, Reiki Master and Health Food Creator. I am extremely passionate about natural alternatives, healthy living, a chemical free lifestyle and great food!

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Natural Alternatives
There seems to be a medication for every thing these days and a side effect to go with them if you choose that path. I am all for finding and treating the cause of health issues rather than the symptoms. Of course there are times when medical emergency intervention is required but I'm talking about everyday things such as low energy or moods, skin problems, gut health and sensitivities.

Healthy Living
I practise what I preach and I know how much better I feel when I eat the way that suits my body, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. I enjoy a coffee and love chocolate (hopefully you'll attend one of my classes where I show you my secret recipe to make at home!) For me Healthy Living is eating as much fresh produce as possible, loads of fruit and veges, green smoothies and homemade treats.

Chemical Free Lifestyle
I try to reduce and/or remove as many toxic chemicals from my home and choose skincare, bodycare and makeup that I have discovered, after many trial and errors, that are chemical free and no animal testing. I also have a super sensitive nose (ask my husband - I could tell when he used to try and hide from me what he ate for lunch) and sensitive skin. Finding products for me is a challenge and if I find one I love, I tell the world! I am a big 'DIYer' and use doTERRA essential oils everyday.

Great Food
Hands up who loves great food! My lucky family are my test tasters for all my successes and disasters so you don't have to be! We love green smoothies, juices, burgers, pizza, curries, cupcakes and cookies. I try to make most things from scratch as we have different dietary requirements in our family and I also like to know what is in everything we eat.

Health Treatments

We currently offer specialty and personalised treatments and consultations. For more info or to book online click here .

Becky Evans

ACM Dip Remedial Massage

Member of Massage Association of Australia

Reiki Master

Master (Natural) Therapist Advanced Diploma

Dip Anti Ageing Therapy

Dip Meditation Instructor

Dip Natural Therapies Consultant

Dip Vibration Medicine

Myofascial Cupping

Certificate Holistic Iridology

Certificate Wholefood & Plant Based Nutrition (High Distinction)

Certificate Jade Roller, Gua Sha & Chinese Cupping

Certificate Spa Cupping Foundation

Certificate Chinese Face Reading