what our clients say

"Becky is amazing! I have chronic back, hip and neck pain and after each session I feel like a brand new person. She is so accommodating and professional, I feel like I’m always looked after ."

Kali B.

"Whenever I leave an appointment with Becky, I feel so relaxed. She gets rid of all the stress I carry in my shoulders & neck. Becky knows they exact doTERRAoils my body needs. I have both massages & Reiki appointments & highly recommend her."

Jacqueline M.

"Becky has the hands of a goddess, every time I visit her I know I'm walking out feeling amazing iIcant recommend her enough!!!"

Chantel S.

"Becky is such a beautiful and vibrant person and upon meeting her it felt like I'd known her for years. She was so welcoming and it was refreshing to receive my treatments from such a passionate therapist. I tried the new EVOHE face massage and added on a relaxation massage. It was a complete perfect package of absolute bliss. I would definitely have these treatments again!"

Madison J.

"I have just had 90 minutes of pure relaxation from Becky. The Evohe facial massage was divine followed by a beautiful body massage. I would highly recommend treating yourself with the amazing Becky. Great way to spend the morning. Thank you for the pampering Becky."

Leisa J.

"Becky provides such a beautiful atmosphere you feel better just walking in the room. I recommend Becky’s services to everyone around me! She has a wealth of knowledge in her fields, I always look forward to my next massage/cupping. Book in, you won’t regret it!"

Caitlin H.

"I have had the absolute pleasure of receiving a number of treatments from Becky. Reiki, remedial and relaxation massages - each time I have been transported to a higher plane, and have fallen asleep more than once! Becky has an amazing calming presence and her hands are just magic. Thank you ."

Lisa M.

"Becky is an amazing woman. Her massages are totally blissful and she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to a healthier way of life! Always there to offer support when you need it.

A very calming presence."

Nicole S.

"Becky was spot on with my iridology results! My iridology report was easy to understand and thorough.

Becky helped me to put together a plan that works well with my daily routine and is also achievable."

Katie T.

"Very happy customer! I had a relaxation massage and it was heavenly. I then went back for a second time for a remedial massage.

I cannot wait to return for many more massages."

Amy B.

"I was so happy with my Iridology report from Becky. It was informative, easy to understand and follow. All aspects of my wellbeing were covered. Recommendations ranged from foods to eat, suggested herbs, oil and lifestyle changes. The goals section is great. So beneficial to helping you stay on track to achieve positive results. Becky certainly does walk her talk."

Catherine T.

"Bec has done a couple of massages for me and I found it very beneficial and to top it off very relaxing. It was so relaxing I believe I fell asleep. I will definitely be going back."

Margaret N.

"A beautiful massage and perfect pressure. Not only that Becky was able to find the spots that were causing the issues - wrists, lower arms and neck and provide much relief. The following day I always feel amazing."

Amy D

"Becky's hands are magic. I couldn't recommend her enough."

Matt B.

"Highly recommend both of these (products) - I suffer insomnia and struggle to sleep.

Since using these I get a better sleep and fall asleep much faster than before.

Becky has also custom made some oils for our 9 year old with Anxiety and our 4 year old with ADHD.

Also highly recommend Becky for her massages, she is incredible and we leave feeling blessed."

Shazzy Z.

"Had a consultation and iridology picked up some major problems which a doctor would've had no clue about!

Thank you Bliss Mumma! I've taken massive steps to correct the 3 issues that needed to be addressed."

John T.

"I've known Becky for the past few years and she has been an inspirational and motivational person in my life.

She walks her talk and is 100% passionate about what she does.

To her it's not a job, it's a way of being which she loves sharing with her clients.

I would highly recommend having a consultation with Becky."

Maggie N

"My iridology consultation with Becky was thorough and informative. I received insight into what might be causing my health related concerns and she put together a detox and wellness plan for me.

Highly recommend if you're looking for a more natural approach to your health care. Thank you Becky!"

Sherrie W.

"Bliss Mumma offers professional, knowledgeable health advice in a warm and welcoming environment.

Cant'recommend an iridology consultation with Becky highly enough."

Nicole D.